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Rolly the medical delivery robot
About Robot


Rollyis an Autonomous Mobile Robot, which provides safe non-human-to-human deliveries. A Multi-point secured delivery robot, which delivers variant stuff in different Environments Never miss customer demands. Rolly Robot will pick up items and navigates autonomously from his home position, operates elevators, and navigates crowds to deliver directly to guests. Rolly designed to interact with people in a friendly way through its interactive touch screen, as there are a customized application according to every solution.

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Main Features of ROLLY:

Rolly The self-driving robot easily delivers items to your customers, According to the current situation, it is mandatory to use a nonhuman -to-human delivery to keep distance and ensure your safety as it always comes first.

 Contactless delivery

The robot is designed to operate among people and maneuvers safely and efficiently in even highly dynamic environments, making it suitable for many indoor facilities.

 Safe Maneuvers in  a populated workspace

The robot autonomously navigates to find the most efficient path to its destinations. The robot adjusts the path when it encounters obstacles, which are not on the map (like people and objects) with Real-time positioning.

 Navigation & Localization  with High Accuracy

Rolly's smooth driving ability means it can deliver several packages at once. The robot is designed to automate deliver­ies across your facility, allowing employ­ees to focus on higher value activities.

 Efficient Delivery of different items

The robot interact by sound and its screen according to the given situation


The built-in sensors ensure that the robot is slowed down when obstacles are detected in front of it

 Automatic deceleration for objects

The operator dashboard can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone. It gives easy access to operation and monitoring of the robot.

 User friendly and flexible

Rally can integrate with your system and get Autonomous Control to BMS to allow the robot to open doors and operate elevators autonomously.

 Integration with your system

You can customize the front touch screen, the attached back screen, the robot color and appearance for more branding to your entity


Rolly Robots helping staff with social distancing, saving their time, and enabling them to focus on patient care. Using Rolly will minimize the number of people in the hospitals exposed to the infection, and the Robots themselves minimize the spread of infection since robots can be easily disinfected.

 Measure how satisfied your guests are

Rolly efficiently delivers without Human Intervention and move through quarantine areas without concern and be cleaned and ready for use without risk to personal safety and the robot is easy to disinfect

 No Human Intervention which reduce Infection

Rolly contains lockable payload which accessed by a pin code sent to each guest via text messaging.


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